Thursday, September 4, 2008

My third Composition (Kahin-Door)

According to me four things are essential to make up a good song. Tune which comes spontaneously out of your humming something. Lyrics which are added to something you already have in your mind. Music which is created with the use of an instrument, in my case Guitar and finally voice which gives it a human dimension. Only when all these four things work in tandom a good song is made.Will have to work out on all these areas more or less.


This song is close to me as even I myself have made so many interpretations of what exactly I want to convey. :)

Lyrics of the song :

likhta hoon mein jo dil mein aaye

(I write what comes to my heart)

vo jo afsaana hai mera

(that which is my story)

keh doon mein man ki saari baatein

(I say all that is in my mind)

yeh bhi tarana hai mera

(this is also my song)

aisa mera hai kehna

(this is wat I have to say)

rukna na chalte rehna

(dont stop keep moving)

jaana to hai ab zaroor....

(have to go for sure....)

kahin door-kahin door

(somewhere far somewhere far)

jahan manzil ho raahon mein

(where the destination is on the way)

kahin door-kahin door

(somewhere far somewhere far)

jahan kudrat ho baahon mein

(where fate is in your hands)

chalta rehta hoon mein aise

(I walk as if)

koi na thikana hai mera

(there's no place for me)

kho jaaun leke apni yaadein

(I loose myself in my thoughts)

koi na sarhana hai mera

(theres no one to comfort me)

khojun mein khud ko jaise

(I try to find myself)

koi batlaye kaise?

(but how? someone tell me)

jaane ko mein hoon mazboor....

(I am compelled to go)

kahin door-kahin door

(somewhere far somewhere far)

jahan saaya ho raaton mein

(where there's shadow at nights)

kahin door-kahin door

(somewhere far somewhere far)

jahan khamoshi ho baaton mein

(where there's silence in the talk)

ye tha jo dil mein mere aaya

(this was what came to my mind)

yahi tha afsaana mera

(this was my tale)

keh di mene man ki saari baatein

(I have spoken all my thoughts)

yahi tha tarana mera

(this was my song)


Mampi said...

As usual,
the gentleness of your voice accentuated by the melodious guitar of yours...
Cut an album now.
Its high time.

PARRY said...

Well thanks! and yes the album is still 'kahin door'. A long way to go.

Anonymous said...

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