Friday, August 15, 2008

Tere Bin (Rabbi) Cover Song

This song is originally composed and sung by Rabbi Shergill.It is said that originally this song was written for mother and it may be true too. Rabbi has a way with his lyrics and the real meaning of his songs is much deeper than we really think.
Ofcourse comments that can lead to improvement in my guitar and vocals will be highly appreciated.


P.S : One such song is from his latest album Avengi ja nahi titled 'Ballo'. The complete explanation and meaning of this song is beautifully explained at docmitasha's blog.
The beauty of a song comes alive and enjoyment doubles when we really start feeling the song as it was the case with this song.


Mampi said...

It is a wonderful rendering of the song.
And yes, I can see you enjoying the song.

DocMitasha said...

Thank you, Parry, for your kind words. I've replied to your comments on my blog, and I've really enjoyed reading some of the posts here too!

DocMitasha said...

And I enjoyed your take on the song and the rendering...I really think Tere Bin is one of his finest songs, and I just never get tired of listening to it!

PARRY said...

Mampi -Thanks for being regular on my blog. I m not too much into blogging stuff. But comments from you have always been a source of encouragement for me.
Alas! I am unable to sing and play his other songs which require good voice and control over guitar. :(

Docmitasha - Yes i saw your reply. You write great and young as u r, sky is the limit for u.
The second reply on the 'paradox of religion' post still has spaces that can be debated upon which librans like me love to do in their pastime.:)

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