Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanda - Thanda Cool Award

So I have received the butterfly award from Manpreet. It was she who introduced me to the world of blogging by commenting in her humourous style on one of my initial posts. At that time I didn't had any expectations from this blog. My idea was just to present some contradictions we find in our day to day life which I also tried to convey through the name I gave to my blog. But it didn't worked out that way as I found out later that its one thing to ponder and feel something and its another thing to let others know about it. I posted some of my thoughts but later removed them for want of exact phrases and the ideas I wanted to convey. Language posed a big problem.
During the same time I was learning guitar and thought of expressing myself through music. Till that time I was just a lover of listening to music. But the feeling I got by creating my own stuff was really great. I am still a novice and guitar is still just one of my hobbies I often indulge into but this blog provided me with an escape route to the other side of my personality. Moreover many of my colleagues don't even know that I play and in that sense this blog has been a huge source of encouragement from the other fellow bloggers.
And yes it does remain 'Thanda' for a considerable period between the posts - one more reason the judges found the award appropriate. :)