Monday, March 10, 2008


These are a couple of poems I scribbled years ago :
When my life was so lonely
and the sky was dark above
I met a noble soul
who taught me how to love
The days became joyous
the life became worth seeing
Little did i knew
it was for the time being
Never in my life
so restless I have been
That too for a reason
the fate I've never seen
How fool I was
when I thought of the face
Little did I knew
the soul seeks the embrace
Was this the reason
why we both have met
To leave each other now
conditions being met
Should we avoid love
because of this big fear
That when it is lost
we wil not be able to bear
I am not a poet
nor have something to admire
To become ones friend
is my only desire.


A time came when it looked
everything was lost
A ship to be rebuit
but no one knew the cost
Out of a whirlpool
then a storm came
The more the ship resisted
more tough it became
The ship is now sailing
smoothly in the sea
How far it wil travel
thats what we have to see
Hurdles may come again
and it will be a test
The ship will have to prove
its different from the rest
May the ship sail endless
thats wat I implore
It should never rest
theres so much to explore
I am not a poet
no matter what may seem
Long live our ship
thats my only dream.