Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Becoming ONE !

So there was SHE in blue dress with a white shade in between resonating Her shine. Her short stature did not shield the inner persona in any way but was in fact highlighting and reflecting it. Her steps were slow and short with an erect posture and body movement. Although I was seeing Her after four years but a mere glimpse brought back whatever remembrance I had of Her and the mind easily correlated and accepted it.
The occasion was preplanned and arranged. It was a get together of the two families at a hotel which was not far from my residence. After some time into conversation snacks were offered which played whatever role they could in breaking the ice between the two families. After some food and drinks the time came to have an individual one to one conversation with Her in the adjoining hall.
Saying a simple Hi was the most that could have been done at that moment. I seated, after offering Her the adjacent seat. It was not a date but it looked like one. The cool ambience that the hall provided with dim mercury lights and soothing music of a hindi film song made the moment more serene.
This time the mind was free from any judgments, beliefs and prejudices. It had no aim or target to achieve. It was in no hurry to have any conversation. Nor was it weighing any pros and cons it generally does before arriving at any decision.
But the conversation had to happen even if it was to be done for its own sake. The talk when started gave an ample reason to decipher the persona through the eyes. The eye contact was straight and sharp but discreet sometimes so that it did not fall in the category of stare. Her voice was very soft to the ears and the words spoken were evenly spaced and in fine balance..
Expressions through words have a limit and they cannot be solely relied upon. In fact it is the feel with the other person that is more important than to know about him as an individual. That feel can only come if it is equally reciprocated, if it is equally shared and if it leads to a feeling of belonging with the other. A feeling that comes automatically and without knowing and with which one becomes comfortable with.
An exchange of thoughts was now taking place and gained momentum with both of us playing their part even if it was just to keep the conversation going. One part of the mind was saying to let it continue; the other part was ready to blurt the approval made long ago. And then it came in no uncertain terms when I said – “From my side it is a Yes!”
It was accepted there and then with a smiling gesture.
The very next day I received a mail from my friend asking me when I was ending my bachelorhood and becoming Two from One!!
My reply was instant –“I have met my other Half yesterday and will soon be becoming ONE” :-)