Sunday, October 26, 2008

तुम हो एक हवा का झोंका

Sometime back I came across Balvinder's poetic blog where I saw a poem तुम हो एक हवा का झोंका This is apart from his regular blog Frankly Speaking and it focuses on the 'other' side of his personality. His emotional side I would say. At that time I didn't knew that someday I will be coming out with a melody. Although I did commented on it but I was not serious.This will be the second poem after Akhiyaan which I have composed for one of my blogger friend.

I felt so nice when I came to know that he has written it for his wife. I just imagined how his wife must have felt after hearing it. As he is living alone the tangs of loneliness are so self evident in the words used in the poem. The second reason was ofcourse the rhmying nature which made it easier to pick a rhythm out of it.

As for music I dont think I am even near to be called a composer, even casually. If it is then its just close to somebody humming a tune and making it into a melody. Anybody who hums can come out with a tune of her own. Its just that we don't try it as often as we should.Its a small and simple poem and no difficult words have been used but still it is expressive and I have let it remain that way. There's no much deviation in the pitch except in the bridge part where it was my idea to leave a silent gap to create an effect so that the feelings of the poet can come to the fore. The chords used are C maj, F bar and G bar.

The soundclick widget doesn't seem to be working. Click the link below and listen to the song in hi-fi mode.

Poem :

तुम हो एक हवा का झोंका
आओ के ना आओ तुम
कब से आंखें तरस रही हैं
अब तो दरस दिखाओ तुम

बाग़ बगीचे खिल उठते हैं
आहट तेरी पाते ही
फ़िर खामोशी छा जाती है
बस तुम्हारे जाते ही

बहुत हो गयी अब जुदाई
काटा बहुत अकेलापन
अब तो तुम ऐसे आ जाओ
फिर ना वापस जाओ तुम

तुम हो एक हवा का झोंका
आओ के ना आओ तुम

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tag on 'Addictions'

So this time I was tagged by Balvinder. This tag is all about listing your addictions and most bloggers have retained them upto five. Tags not only help other people to know about us but during the process we also come to know about our own selves. Moreover to a person like me it provides a topic to write a post on. :)
Doing this tag was easy as I already know the five things I am addicted to which are listed below and I have placed them according to the degree of addiction.

1. Thinking - Well obviously that goes for each one of us including me. And yes I truly believe that its an addiction. We think day in and day out and we think when we are at home and when we are out. Infact it is our mind's best past time compulsion. Whether we 'know' it or not but the mind is always chattering even during our sleep otherwise dreams wouldn't have been there. Is this addiction harmful and should we avoid it? I have no answer. But I do feel that thinking doesn't have much place if one's inner 'Being' is resonating during our interactions with people and things.

2. Music - It is definitely the language of at least my soul. I listen to it when I am happy, I listen to it when I am sad and I listen to it when I am neither. I dont have any particular taste and try to listen to whatever that suits me for that moment. Be it rock, pop, film songs, ghazals, shabads, classical or instrumental. In near future I will like to listen to international songs in different languages. I generally avoid heavy metal stuff which totally blows away your ear. Nowdays I am experimenting by listening to various musical scores of war movies. Some I have liked like very much and whenever I listen to them it feels like I have been transposed to that era and place. Due to this addiction sometimes I really fear about my hearing ability and I pray to have good hearing capacity atleast till my end.

3. Guitar - Although I started learning guitar late in my life but now it has become my friend. I consider it as an extension of my love for music. Its my hobby and yes its my addiction too. Its rejuvenating and creative. Its like a companion whom you can turn to and it responds in kind. It plays with you when you play with it. It comes to life when you pick it up and strum and even otherwise when its sitting idle you can always take its willingness for granted.

4. Reading - Although nowdays I dont get time to read books but I really feel that there's so much more power to written words than pictures and images. As I haven't bought a television set due to this reason I am dependent on newspapers, magazines and ofcourse Internet which is a reservoir for my dose of current affairs and knowledge. The books I generally read are mostly non fiction but I really wish to get into reading mode sometime soon.

5. Driving - Contrary to popular perception that today's youth generally like to drive fast with one often finding motorbikes zipping fast till one regains composure, I like to drive my motorbike in slow moving traffic (ofcourse not in conditions when you are stuck in a jam). Seeing the beautiful trees going by, seeing various people's attitudes through their faces and many times overhearing their conversations, trying to manoeuvre your way through the traffic and then coming out of it unscathed really looks like an addiction to me. Infact on the way to my office there's a one and a half km stretch where it looks as if there's a sharp bend which infact is not the case as I found out sometime back. So people tend to avoid that area and always keep their vehicles in the middle of the road. I on the other hand always overtake them at the end of the stretch and smile on my self inflicted win. I really wish I could make them stop too to tell them that I have defeated them in the race. :)