Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Journey in Indian Rail

As i have been to many places since childhood the experiences in indian railways are abound. Both positive and negative. Indian railways provide a very gud opportunity for a person to know the real and true india.It provides a practical experience which cant be found in books related to the subject. Its a place where people from various cutlutre and creed come together to share their experiences. By Being a silent listener one can know not only different people's reactions and emotions on various topics but also how each individual behaves when in a group. So the first postivie effect it had on me was to know the real and true india seeing new faces and then coming to terms with them.
Of all the negative experiences the topmost was when our coach was looted by a group who had gained unauthorised entry with country made pistols and took valuables. They then made the train come to halt by pulling the chain and got down.I on my part had to part with only 200 bucks as the person who was asking for money was called by one of his friends. I also saw the shooting of a fellow passenger who resisted them. The train was stopped at the next station and the passenger who was lying in pool of blood was rushed to hospital.
The other experience pertains to the accident happened in front of my eyes when i saw a women labourer trying to get into the running train got slipped although i took care to hold her. She went below the tracks but it was a miraculous escape as she suffered only a broken hand.
The last one was the experience as how a gentleman looses insanity when he looses his money. He was a trader who was going home with Rs 1.5 lakh after getting reimbursments of his trades. Suddenly at night he found that his money has got stolen. He started crying out loud, lied on the floor and later on even tried to commit suicide by trying to jump out of the train.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Why Infinity ends here?

It ends here because the time you say these words "infinity ends here" you are contradicting the very nature of your sentence and the meaning it gives. In this paradox lies the mystery and meaning of life. Its like a circle which has not beginning and no end. Its just like thinking on a thought. The very thinking on a thought either consiously or unconsiously (however you perceive it) means that one more thought now has been added to think about and one more and one more.....and thus infinity takes charge from then on.

REALITY is what we take to be TRUE
What we take to be TRUE is what we BELIEVE
What we BELIEVE is based upon our PERCEPTION
What we PERCEIVE depends upon our EXPERIENCE
What we EXPERIENCE in turn depends on what we PERCEIVE
What we PERCEIVE determines what we BELIEVE
What we BELIEVE determines what we take to be TRUE
What we take to be TRUE is our REALITY