Monday, September 29, 2008

Missing the target !

This is an incident I had a few years ago when I was in Kanpur. The winter had just started and I preferred keeping my windows open so that fresh air can make my sleep more enchanting. I generally am in the habit of covering whole body from head to toe if its chilling outside.So there was I, sleeping soundly. There comes a time in the morning when although we are sleeping we unconsciously know that the morning has come and its time to wake up. So it was during this time that something hit my face with a bang. The sound of it was too loud for me to understand what was it. Although living alone generally I dont fear moving into my empty house even when it is dark, but this time it was different. I just laid there. The sheet was still covering my face but the hit was real nasty and I just couldn't comprehend what was it. Has the fan above me fallen down? No its so big, it cant be. Has one of the wings broken. No I can still feel the air of the fan. Two minutes gone then five minutes. I was really worried. Or is it my windows are open and may be some bird has accidentally got inside and got hit with the fan and now it lays their. oh shit! is it some crow? sparrow. Oh my! these thoughts ran fast through my mind.Then finally I took courage and very fast I lifted my blanket to really see the thing. Fear and curiosity both were ruling inside my mind by then. What was it ? Where is it? I couldnt locate anything. I got up and then walked a little to the window.

There it was lying just behind the door. Well Oh! its the folded newspaper with a tight rubber band on top. Now I got more curious. To my amazement the windows had iron bars and something can get inside only if it is thrown almost straight from outside but my flat was on the second floor and the newspaper vendor always has to throw it from below. Only this time he missed the target which till then was always my balcony. :)

Now I was getting more curious. I then did my own research. In the end I came to the conclusion that there's only one way that it can really enter through the bars. All the permutation and combinations pointed out that only when the object (in this case folded newspaper) is approx 45 degrees titled and also takes one more turn when half of it is already inside the bars of the window that the object can enter. It was a highly improbable thing and I was able replicate the action only after doing some hard work by really working it out.

Since then till I stayed in Kanpur I never covered my face while sleeping or whenever I did I took care that the windows are closed. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ankhiyaan -'Eyes' (Poem in Punjabi)

'Ankhiya' (Eyes) is a poem I stumbled upon on Manpreet's blog Kaaghaz de Kujh Purzei which lists her poems. Any poem's significance is dependent on the perception and mood of the person reading it. Moreover the reason why poets use a tough or deep language to describe even simple things in life is to tempt a person to look beyond the words and their meanings. And when one is caught in this temptation the words don't remain mere words but take the shape of constant stream of pictures in the mind.
Two things caught my mind when I read this poem, first the ease of the words which I understood unlike her other poems which demand knowledge of punjabi vocabulary. The second was the simple monotony which makes the poem go on and on into infinity. What I still fail to understand is why the thinking of eyes always remind us of a female character. I think this poem can be transposed on a male character too with ease!
The music is simple and monotonous. Being a beginner in guitar I have used simple chords G C and D. The trio works for most of simple songs although the strumming pattern can be varied as per the need.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

My third Composition (Kahin-Door)

According to me four things are essential to make up a good song. Tune which comes spontaneously out of your humming something. Lyrics which are added to something you already have in your mind. Music which is created with the use of an instrument, in my case Guitar and finally voice which gives it a human dimension. Only when all these four things work in tandom a good song is made.Will have to work out on all these areas more or less.


This song is close to me as even I myself have made so many interpretations of what exactly I want to convey. :)

Lyrics of the song :

likhta hoon mein jo dil mein aaye

(I write what comes to my heart)

vo jo afsaana hai mera

(that which is my story)

keh doon mein man ki saari baatein

(I say all that is in my mind)

yeh bhi tarana hai mera

(this is also my song)

aisa mera hai kehna

(this is wat I have to say)

rukna na chalte rehna

(dont stop keep moving)

jaana to hai ab zaroor....

(have to go for sure....)

kahin door-kahin door

(somewhere far somewhere far)

jahan manzil ho raahon mein

(where the destination is on the way)

kahin door-kahin door

(somewhere far somewhere far)

jahan kudrat ho baahon mein

(where fate is in your hands)

chalta rehta hoon mein aise

(I walk as if)

koi na thikana hai mera

(there's no place for me)

kho jaaun leke apni yaadein

(I loose myself in my thoughts)

koi na sarhana hai mera

(theres no one to comfort me)

khojun mein khud ko jaise

(I try to find myself)

koi batlaye kaise?

(but how? someone tell me)

jaane ko mein hoon mazboor....

(I am compelled to go)

kahin door-kahin door

(somewhere far somewhere far)

jahan saaya ho raaton mein

(where there's shadow at nights)

kahin door-kahin door

(somewhere far somewhere far)

jahan khamoshi ho baaton mein

(where there's silence in the talk)

ye tha jo dil mein mere aaya

(this was what came to my mind)

yahi tha afsaana mera

(this was my tale)

keh di mene man ki saari baatein

(I have spoken all my thoughts)

yahi tha tarana mera

(this was my song)