Monday, May 12, 2008

Shabad (Ja ke vas hain khan sultan)

I often listen to shabads (hymns from sikh religion) so I gave it a try on my guitar with the shabad 'Ja ke vas hain khan sultan'. It is said that if one sings this shabad daily one is blessed with lots of money. No wonder I sometimes sit on heaps of it.
Singing this shabad in my own way has definitely hurt some souls who have told me that shabads should not be turned into tunes of pop culture. I am with them if the shabad is made of some song tune already used. I differ though if the music is ones own creation.


Manpreet said...

Very Nice songs you have put up.
YOu got a nice voice. Why dont you turn pro?

PARRY said...

Thanks for the encouragement.Well, I have just started in this endeavour. But I bet you are on the verge of becoming a professional writer. So when are you?