Sunday, May 11, 2008

Learning guitar

Since I started learning acoustic guitar last year, what I have felt is that there's a huge difference if one compares it with hawaian guitar which is also known as Indian classical guitar. The latter is played by keeping it on lap and wearing steel nails. The sound it gives is of one string at a time so one does not get different variety of sounds at one go as is the case in acoustic(spanish) version. In spanish version the sound is more like whoosh and the strings can be played lighter or harder as the case may be unlike the Hawaian one. Having some knowledge about Hawaian guitar which I learnt in school has helped me to learn this version much fast. The acoustic guitar is a completely different instrument as chords (where more than one string is to be strung at the same time) are to be changed frequently to move between the related scale. No doubt it needs lots of practice but once initial struggle comeees through it becomes easy afterwards. What I have found out is that by learning just a few chords which are mostly used and a bit of music mind one can play a number of songs. People who have some fair knowledge about chords will agree that chords like Cmajor, Dmajor/minor, Gmajor, Fmajor, Emajor/minor, Amajor/minor are sufficient to play lots of songs if one is good enough in changing chord patterns. Moreover if one can make his/her own strumming patterns the song will sound much better. As for me, my strumming pattern still needs to be improved as it is still of generic nature. Here are the links of some guitar sites which offer good learning tips and advice and which I took help from initially.

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