Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kuch Palan Di Saanjh (Punjabi poem)

Does like attract like? Do two similar things always add up to make more? Does it happen always? Don't we look for conformity when we easily adapt to situations and accept people who are more similar to us either in age, gender, religion, caste, country, culture or profession? How can we look beyond the stereotype when we form a relation, regardless of the other person's standing?
Attending an inter-religious marriage where there is no mingling of the two families but only formal compulsions cannot be said to be a good experience which I went through last week.
I remembered a punjabi poem I had read on Jasdeep's blog titled 'Kuch palan di saanjh' in which there is a hard acceptance of the truth of the reality imposed by the society. A society which still has strong roots in casteism. I thought of making it into some kind of music.
Below is the video of the song. To hear only the audio, click on the song in soundclick widget on the right.


Jasdeep said...

nice illustration and composition..
bravo !

mintzi said...

good composition

Mampi said...

Great job.
You make the writer feel on top of the world with your compositions. And you added the video this time... Great.

PARRY said...

Jasdeep : Nice lyrics too by Jasdeep. Kudos to you too. :)

Mintzi : Thanks for your first comment on my blog. ;)

Mampi : And commenters like you make me feel on the top! :D