Sunday, November 30, 2008

क्यों रोए मेरा दिल

क्यों रोए मेरा दिल
माने न जाने न
चारों ओर धुआं ही धुआं
समझूँ न करूँ मैं क्या ?

काली रात सोने न दे
तड़पे ये दिल मेरा
दिन भी अब काला दिखे
कब होगा सवेरा नया ?

Recorded this song when the siege of the hotels was still on following the terrorist attack in Mumbai on 26/11.
(Pic Courtesy - ibnlive।


How do we know said...

savera to ho gaya... par abhi naya nahi hai.. vahi purana savera aaya hai..

PARRY said...

HDWK : Pata nahi kitne aur savere will haunt us. :(

Jimmy said...

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PARRY said...

jimmy : thanks for visiting.
Oops you are into advertising too. ;)

Indian Home Maker said...

Nice song, it was a sad, sad day in our history, hopefully never to be repeated.
Maybe the savera is happening ...
The attack for all the harm it intended - has united the nation, and awakened the middle class to it's responsibility - I hope this Unity and fire remains and we see newer, younger candidates winning elections his time.

Mampi said...

For the musical notes that you compose, for the efforts that you put in to make our words musical,
you are awarded a cool blog award.
Kindly accept it.

PARRY said...

IHM : Yes I pray it is not repeated. The unity and fire can can only come if their is an inner revolution in common masses.
The road still seems quite far.

Mampi : Thanks for the award. Take it with both hands.

~nm said...

I don't if I should say its beautiful or shall I say its so sad...

PARRY said...

nm : I won't forgot those two nights now as this song wil bring back the memories.