Sunday, October 26, 2008

तुम हो एक हवा का झोंका

Sometime back I came across Balvinder's poetic blog where I saw a poem तुम हो एक हवा का झोंका This is apart from his regular blog Frankly Speaking and it focuses on the 'other' side of his personality. His emotional side I would say. At that time I didn't knew that someday I will be coming out with a melody. Although I did commented on it but I was not serious.This will be the second poem after Akhiyaan which I have composed for one of my blogger friend.

I felt so nice when I came to know that he has written it for his wife. I just imagined how his wife must have felt after hearing it. As he is living alone the tangs of loneliness are so self evident in the words used in the poem. The second reason was ofcourse the rhmying nature which made it easier to pick a rhythm out of it.

As for music I dont think I am even near to be called a composer, even casually. If it is then its just close to somebody humming a tune and making it into a melody. Anybody who hums can come out with a tune of her own. Its just that we don't try it as often as we should.Its a small and simple poem and no difficult words have been used but still it is expressive and I have let it remain that way. There's no much deviation in the pitch except in the bridge part where it was my idea to leave a silent gap to create an effect so that the feelings of the poet can come to the fore. The chords used are C maj, F bar and G bar.

The soundclick widget doesn't seem to be working. Click the link below and listen to the song in hi-fi mode.

Poem :

तुम हो एक हवा का झोंका
आओ के ना आओ तुम
कब से आंखें तरस रही हैं
अब तो दरस दिखाओ तुम

बाग़ बगीचे खिल उठते हैं
आहट तेरी पाते ही
फ़िर खामोशी छा जाती है
बस तुम्हारे जाते ही

बहुत हो गयी अब जुदाई
काटा बहुत अकेलापन
अब तो तुम ऐसे आ जाओ
फिर ना वापस जाओ तुम

तुम हो एक हवा का झोंका
आओ के ना आओ तुम


Mampi said...

Brilliant song. Bahut acha gaya hai tussi, brought alive all the emotions that Balli has written in the words.
We want more, more, more.
Start considering cutting an album.
you have that thing in you.
as a layperson, I would say that your voice quality is entirely different from what we heard in "Akhiyan".

Balvinder Singh said...

Hi Parry, brilliant job done. Sorry for the delayed response. In fact i am out of station on a trip to north india with my family.

I have rightly called you a composer because you not only have the ability of turning a simple poem into a melody but also have the flair of catching the right spirit of the lyrics. And then you haver the talent of singing too. You have rightly created a pause before the last stanza because those words bring out the frustration of the separation. Keep it up God bless you. Hve a look at another of my poem which may qualify for composing "Dekhi teri adda toh main dewaana Ban gaya

PARRY said...

mampi : thanks for encouragement. yes the voice quality was more 'robust' in this song. i think the song demanded that.
album??? well dont know.

Balvinder : Nice that you liked the melody. Contributing with somebody like you definitely feels good.
Wel dont know if i will be able to compose ur 'dekhi ada' but i bet if it is, it will be a very peppy tune for sure.

my space said...

parry...fab ! u have a grt voice..unfortunately dont know why but can listen to it only in plays fr 10 secs then pause then again..m really technically challenged;-)

SHWETHA said...

Somehow akhiyan make me feel like m travelling in a train. Nice one.. Whoa!! You played the Guitar?

PARRY said...

my space : oh! is it? well do one thing go to www.soundclick\parry and then try to listen to the song. let me know.

shweta : may be the monotonous regular rhythm of the akhiyaan song coincides with the rhythm of the 'chuk chuk' sound that comes from below the train. ;)