Friday, June 20, 2008

Manpreet's tag

Manpreet tagged me on this with instructions to do it soon. So here are the answers :
I’m: my image of myself.

I think: that I think too much.

I know: that I know less.

I want: my wants to end.

I have: a reasonable good heart.

I wish: I was able to live life completely in the present cherishing each and every moment without thinking of past or future.

I hate: when I am misunderstood and when in the middle of my sleep it dawns on me that I have forgot to put milk in the refrigerator.

I miss: the love of ‘love’ of my life, my future wife.

I fear: death.

I feel: I should be more tactful while dealing with people.

I hear: my inner voice.

I smell: of the deodorant I am wearing.

I crave: to be with the nature and learning and playing guitar all the time.

I search: for my things when I loose them and that includes peace of mind.

I wonder: how humans came into being, if man made God or God made man and ‘when’ did time came into existence.

I regret: not learning music and guitar early in my life.

I love: being in love with myself.

I ache: to be on a joy ride again in a helicopter.
I care: not to hurt others.

I believe: that beliefs are a part of individual conditioning and everybody has one.

I dance: whenever I feel like when I am alone, in marriages or with like minded friends.

I sing: whenever I feel like, sometimes all day long and mostly within myself.

I cry: when I feel or imagine the happening of true love.

I fight: only when I am hard pressed for it.

I write: when there’s no other choice of communicating.

I win: hearts of little children by being generous to them.

I lose: the track of the already visited location when in a new city.

I never: fail to compliment tasty dishes even if made by a person I don’t like.

I always: try to balance things, thoughts and ideas in my life. ( Libran trait)

I confuse: between various dal(cereals) names.(eg. Dal arhar, dal moong, dal masran)

I listen: to all kinds of music.

I can usually be found: doing work in my office or reading, learning or playing guitar and doing daily chores when at home.

I am scared: of loosing myself in the crowd.

I need: balance in my life.

I am happy about: giving meaning to my life through my own will.

1 comment:

Manpreet said...

Well, sounds like you are a fairly reasonable person in general.
Welcome to my world !!!
I mean welcome again. This makes me respect you.