Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sanskrit shlok

Yav Jivet sukham jivet
Rinam kritva dhrit pibet
bhasmi bhutasya dehsya
punaragaman kutah.

A sanskrit Shlok meaning :
Live happily while you are alive
drink ghee by taking loan
your body will turn into ashes
who says there's life after death.


Manpreet said...

Well, if you believe in making health through borrowed ghee, tell me who will pay for that ghee when the body will turn into ashes?
Good luck...

PARRY said...

Only the writer of this shlok can give as funny answer as the shlok. May be this was his way of reaching out to people advising them to enjoy present moment more without thinking too much of after life which does not exist, a belief which could hav hurt the feelings of many during those times.
As for my case definitely the hypothecations and pledgings for the loan wil prove to be more valuable to the lender than my daily doses of ghee although there's no doubt that too much of it can be a sure reason for an untimely death.

Anonymous said...


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